Debase ( An Elite Bratva Brotherhood Novel) by Rachel Van Dyken

This book is by far the best in the series!



This book is technically book one in a brand-new Russian/Italian mafia series that takes place in the Eagle Elite world… this is Andrei Petrov’s story. If you’re an Eagle Elite fan, this is the continuation of the series with a brand-new spinoff into the Russian world.– Goodreads

This is Andrei’s Petrov story we met him in pasts books. Since I first read about him, I felt intrigued by him. I felt like there was so much more to his character and boy was I right. 

The hunt for every single De Lange family member is still going, and the family will not be stopped until the family is completely destroyed. This book was so much more than a love story between a man and a woman. It was about self-love and finding a family that accepts you and would do anything for you even though they’re not blood related. 

• Andrei Petrov: Since he was a boy, he was made to do some unspeakable and evil things by the people who should have care for him. He is Twenty-Two years old and has led a harsh and difficult life. He was forced to grow up fast to survive. Completely void of all emotions because of his traumatic upbringing. Andrei has so many layers! I was genuinely surprised by him.

• “Russian. The last of his line. A Petrov. The last living heir.”

• He thinks there’s no redemption for him until he meets his love.

• Alice De Lange: Hurt and betrayed by the people that were supposed to love her and take care of her. She is girl number six hundred and thirty-two. Even though she’s been through hell and back, she’s still strong and brave! Sassy AF too.

• Relationship: They both had a traumatic childhood. Hurt by the people that were supposed to loved them. Andrei feels like he will ruin Alice and she on the other hand thinks he’s her hero. Every moment together was a new experience for both of them. He pushes her away at first. He humiliated her. He needs to keep space between them because the end game for him doesn’t involve keeping her.

I love how this was a slow-paced romance. The chemistry between them was there from the get-go but neither of them were ready for more. They’re both to broken and tainted. Their past makes them doubt and not trust each other. I freaking love their interactions with each other. She was not afraid of telling him how she felt, and Andrei was in awe of her. 

When they finally give in to what they’re feeling is like magic. Their chemistry is explosive, and it was like they both met their match. Their equal. The missing piece. 

Secondary characters: I was so excited to see more of the old gang. The OG’s! Their moments with each other was a roller coaster of emotions one moment they want to kill each other and other instances they are having dinner together as a family. 

Besides Andrei, Phoenix stole the show for me. As always, he was calculated and a silent threat.

I found this book extremely emotional! I haven’t shed a tear since Andi’s passing. But I found myself tearing up with this one. The love story between Andrei & Alice was beautiful!! They both committed the ultimate sacrifice of love! Ugh I can’t express how much I love Andrei’s story! Rachel did it again! I don’t know how she manages to surpass every one of my expectations!

I never thought I would love a book more than Eulogy but Debase yeah, this one took the crown! 

🖤Favorite Line: “No, I didn’t want to compare pain. I was too afraid our scars would match.”

🔥H: 5/5




🔥Sex Scenes:5/5

🔥Overall Rating: FIVE CRAZY AND


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