A Cruel Love by S.M. Soto 🖤

🖤Arc kindly provided for an honest review 🖤

************My honest review and opinion*****************

From the first I was hooked! This is not a conventional love story. It’s a story about a broken man that is set on revenge on the people who wronged him. Meanwhile he stalks our heroine and he’s intrigued by her beauty and her pure soul.

🔪Percivale. 🚬

Experience a horrible tragedy at a young age and because of it has a strong need for revenge. He is smart and calculating and most of the time kind of an a-hole. He does bad shit and doesn’t apologize for it. He is unapologetically himself all throughout the book. Plus he was sexy AF.

💕Blossom Jaymes🥧

She’s a sweet and innocent woman who was caught in some bad shit because she cared for her neighbor who went missing. I love her fire and her strength. Sure she was scared of Percivale and the situation she was in but she never stopped fighting. She was strong at first and then half way through the book she began to act like a love sick puppy. Didn’t like that. I needed her strength and need for freedom to be consistent. That’s just me.

it’s a slow burn for sure. No instant love. He’s a jerk to her and she despises him. I loved how their relationship developed.

The story was fill with drama and suspense.

And their chemistry was 🔥 it was really INTENSE 🙌🏻





Overall rating: 4.5 Dirty and Sexy Stars!

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