Knight’s Burden by Bella Jewel

Rumblin’ Knight’s Series


Knight’s Burden is book four of the Rumblin’ Knights series by Bella Jewel. Is the story of Brody and Melanie. We met them in the previous book Knight’s Lady. I just love this story so much. It was an intense and emotional ride that made me cry and rage!

I could feel the emotional turmoil that both Melanie and Brody went through with their relationship and friendships.

I enjoy reading about their past and their struggles as a couple. We get to experience Brody’s and Melanie’s pain from past to present.

💚 Brody: He loves his girl. He protects her. He cares for her.

• He is an honest and loyal man. He would do absolutely anything for the ones he loves. He’s on a dangerous path to seek revenge on the people responsible for his suffering.

💚Melanie: Ride or die for her man. No matter what was said or done by Brody! She never gave up on him. She was hurt and still found the love and strength to fight for the one she loves.

💚Favorite quote: “I love you more than anything in this entire fuckin’ world, Melanie. There is not a single thing out there that could ever fill my heart the way you do. Don’t you ever doubt that you’re the very fuckin’ reason I breathe.”

H: 5/5





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