Malum PT 2 by Amo Jones


I don’t know how Amo does it but she makes me fall in love with fucked up stories and asshole men. (I love it tho) I don’t even know what to say about this mindfuck of a book.

First off, I thought I knew in what direction the story was going and boom *PLOT TWIST * You think you know but trust me you don’t.

This story continues where Malum PT 1 left off. Tillie is still grieving and dealing with ghosts that won’t let her move on. On top off that she’s playing a dangerous game with the kings. This story was filled with secrets and crazy drama that had me on the edge of my seat.

Nate is trying to keep her safe but at the same time he pushes her away. She’s a reminder of everything he lost. Still, he wants her to be okay. I absolutely loved him in this book. He was demanding even more than usual and so damn hot. He showed Tillie who was in charge but she didn’t take his crap. She fought back.

Tillie is one of my favorite heroines by Amo. She is truly a queen and she knows it. She is not only fighting for the people she cares about, but for herself as well.

I won’t spoil the story because you need to read and experience this amazing book for yourselves. Just be prepared for mind blowing plot twist and hot as hell sex scenes. You know Nate and Tillie are 🔥.

Let me just say that Amo’s writing is like dark beautiful poetry. While reading this book, I felt like I was part of that world and I was going through the motions with these characters. The plot was SENSATIONAL, you never, EVER know what to expect from Amo and she definitely never lets us down.

I will be adding more to my review but is currently 12:00 am and this story left me emotional drained.

I can’t wait for what’s next…

H: 5/5 🔥

h: 5/5 👑

Plot: 5/5💔😲🤯

Chemistry: 5/5🔥🙌🏻


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