Sweet Poisons by Natalie Bennett 🖤


I was a fan of Natalie B before I started reviewing and blogging.. but I’m always honest with my reviews.

Dark romance/ dark books are my guilt pleasure! I am obsessed with villains & this story was everything I was hoping and more.

Our hero: He was perfection! The perfect mix of twisted and charming. Does that make sense? He’s just so hard to describe because he made me swoon and fall hard for him while I knew that something is really wrong with him. He secrets are on their surface and shit is about to hit the fans and I’m so giddy to see what will happen next.

Nova: She is NOT weak at all, I feel like she’s playing a part in a game and she plans to win. That’s my opinion. I loved that she also has so many secrets and is hiding her true self, the only person that sees right through her is Rhett.

They are perfect for each other.. I am scared tho. I have no idea which way this story will go. That cliffhanger has me scared.

The chemistry was on POINT since the first encounter till the last page. I love all Natalies stories. I swear. This book just captivated and now is stuck in my head.. I can’t let go u til I get my answers.

The plot is killing me.. so so good and interesting! I just couldn’t put the book down. I need to know what was happening next.

The sex? Well HOT F Damn… 🔥

Pray for my soul because loving this types of books is frown upon but I don’t really gaf.


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