Hated you then M Robinson


I’ve been waiting for this book it seems like forever! I loved Jackson in The Pierced Hearts Duet. His character was so intriguing to me. His attitude towards his father, his issues with Bailey and his animosity towards Harley. Everything about him made me so curious and ready to read his POV and story.

He’s a jerk, THE WORST, but with reason and he gets a pass because what that boy goes through is sad and heartbreaking.

Harley is FEARLESS. She’s her father’s daughter and I freaking love how much she loves her father and how badass and unapologetically unique she is.

I enjoyed reading the beginning of their story and that cliffy made me so mad and I just need book 2 now!!!

I don’t really want to give a lot away! This book was a mix of funny and emotional. I just enjoyed how angsty it was but it also had a lot of light and humorous moments.

Also I wanted to mention the love between Jackson and Journey is so beautiful and really emotional. The circumstances of Baby J’s birth aren’t the best but still he loves his sister. Also she is cute as hell.


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