Devil’s Bargain by Natasha Knight


Devil’s Bargain is the story of Hawk and Mellissa Doe. They meet under unusual circumstance and their love is not your typical romance story.

Our Hero Hawk: At first he is a condescending and quite frankly a sarcastic jerk. He has a past thats he’s hiding from Melissa. He is possessive, controlling and demanding. I loved how fiercely protective he was of our h. We get to experience the character growth of Hawk, how he was cold and ruthless with Melissa at the beginning and completely devoted to her by the end of the book.

Our heroine Melissa: She is strong and fights him every step of the way.

* She’s paying for her “family” mistakes and she finds herself in a horrible predicament but still finds the strength to fight.

* She has a mysterious and painful past that she is running away from.

* I love how the author didn’t make her meek and submissive because of her past. On the contrary she was tough and sarcastic.

They made an arrangement both for different reasons. Hawk for desire and Melissa out of necessity. Melissa is running from a painful past that hunts her and Hawk is set on revenge. They both found love and forgiveness. I was so intrigued with this story and I couldn’t put the book down! I needed to know what was going to happen next!

❤️Romance: Slow burn.

* Hate before love.

* They have a mutual understanding but everything goes to hell when they start falling for each other.

* Hawk has never felt anything like the attraction he feels for her and Melissa has never known true love.






Overall rating 5 devilish stars.

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